FROM CAU DAT COFFEE – 1kg A5 high quality specialty coffee (70% Robusta 30% Arabica Cầu Đất)

(Gu Nồng Nàn Tinh Tế)


  • Product
  • Ingredients
    Arabica, Robusta
  • Bitterness
  • Body
  • Acidity
  • Flavor
    Nutty, Chocolate, Spices
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Product name : FROM CAU DAT COFFEE A5

Ingredients: 70% Robusta; 30% Arabica

Altitude: Robusta comes from Buon Ma Thuot - Dak Lak at an altitude of 700m, Arabica from Cau Dat - Lam Dong at an altitude of 1650m above sea level.

Processing method Dry processing - Robusta beans, wet processing - Arabica beans, dried in a standard platform, in dome house under natural sunlight.

Roast LevelMedium Roast

Best used for hand-brew - espresso machine 

Expiration date: 12 months from date of manufacture (see packaging)

Storage instruction :

  • When you have not opened the package, please store in a cool, dry place with the temperature between 15oC - 25°C.
  • When you have opened the package, please close it tightly after use, store in a cool, dry place, and avoid direct sunlight. Use within 15 days for the best taste.
  • Specialized vacuum coffee canister is recommended.

Packing :

  • Túi 1000g (tuỳ chọn)
  • Range: Whole Grains / Powder (optional)
  • Packaging material: kraft paper bag, coated with aluminum film inside, one way valve, black color

Return policy:
– 1 for 1 exchange in case of damaged, incorrected items according to our regulations
– In case From Cau Dat sent the incorrected, missing items, please contact the shop to exchange or resend for FREE(Remember to record a unpacking video to be solved).

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Hand brew

  1. Press lightly and soak 25g coffee with 25ml of boiling water at 92oC - 95oC in 3 - 5 minutes.
  2. Add approximately 50ml of boiling water at 92oC - 95oC to the filter. Then, wait for dripping and enjoy. Espresso Machine

Espresso machine
Sử dụng từ 16g đến 18g cà phê xay, bạn sẽ chiết xuất được ly cà phê 36ml đặc sản chất lượng cao, theo tỷ lệ chuẩn của From Cầu Đất.


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