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FROM CAU DAT COFFEE delivers and distributes:

- High-quality signature coffee as whole beans, and powder (for espresso, hand brew, cold brew,...) which is produced by process and technology according to the standards of the Specialty Coffee Association (SCA).

– Packing of coffee powder & beans at FROM CAU DAT COFFEE includes weight: 250gr; 500g; 1 kg; 2kg with safety paper & aluminum coated kraft bag inside. Packaging ensures food safety, customer health & friendly environment. The one-way valve helps to preserve the aroma, flavor, and quality of coffee for a long time.

Currently, packaged coffee is one of the most popular types of coffee and is used by many people in Vietnam because of its convenience. So what types of coffee are there? How is the production process? Let's find out more details with From Cau Dat in the following article.

What is packaged coffee?

Nowaday, packaged coffee is one of the most popular and widely used in VietNam for its convenience. How many types of packaged coffee? What is a production process? Let's find out more details from From Cau Dat in the following article.

Cà phê đóng gói là gì?

Type of packaged coffee

There are a bunch of packaged coffee that make consumers find it difficult to choose suitable products. While it comes to decision, several criteria are considered such as flavor, caffeine level etc. Above is the three famous packaged coffee:

Instant coffee

Instant coffee is a beverage that can prepare quickly. It has powder form combined with sugar and milk powder. So, once you're ready to make your drink, you simply mix the coffee powder with hot water for immediately use. The reason for this quick solution is that during processing, coffee is extracted, and soluble contents are retained while other impurities are filtered out.

Cà phê hòa tan


  • Step 1: Pour instant coffee into a cup.
  • Step 2: Boil water at 80 – 90 degrees Celsius for the best quality.
  • Step 3: Pour the amount of boiling water about ⅔ into the cup, stir well. Adding milk, ice, sugar for optional.


Instant coffee is usually packaged in a small sachet for convenient use. Preservation is simple. Storage in a dry place, away from direct sunlight.

Coffee powder for hand brew, machine brew

Powdered coffee is a product made from ground coffee. There are many different types on the market today. Packaged coffee powder is extracted from ground coffee beans. Normally, no impurities of any kind will be mixed for the purpose of processing filter coffee, machine brewed coffee with rich, original flavor.

Cà phê bột pha phin, pha máy


  • Step 1: Rinse the filter and glass with hot water to help the filter expand.
  • Step 2: Add about 25g of coffee powder into the filter and shake gently to spread the coffee evenly. Tap the coffee down gently.
  • Step 3: Slowly pour 20ml of boiling water into the filter and brew the coffee for 2 minutes. Wait until the coffee blooms evenly, then continue to add about 60-80ml of boiling water into the filter. Finally close the lid and wait for dripping.
  • In addition, you can use special powdered coffee for machine brew to make drinks such as espresso, cappuccino, etc.


  • Do not leave packaged coffee in the refrigerator because it may absorb the odors of the food, so when brewed, it will not taste as good as the original.
  • Store the coffee in a clean and sealed container or a zipper bag.
  • Store powdered coffee in a dry place, away from direct sunlight to ensure the best coffee flavor.

Coffee beans

Coffee beans are products made from 100% pure coffee beans. Therefore, this type always serves the strong, original flavor of coffee. Normally, coffee beans must be carefully selected according to certain requirements: high standards, no additives, colorants, flavorings, etc. In addition, some types of coffee can be mixed with alcohol, butter or incubated in an environment with stable thermal conditions to preserve its original flavor.



  • Avoid from high humidity by storing coffee in zip bags, boxes, and glass jars with opaque surfaces, tightly covered with lids, and store in a cool, dry place.
  • Use containers with a one-way valve: Oxidation will lose the flavor of the coffee. So, this method will help you to prevent the maximum amount of coffee from being exposed to the air.
  • Use immediately after grinding: Coffee beans will oxidize more slowly than powdered coffee. However, it should not be left for too long outside to avoid affecting the coffee taste.

The production process of specialty packaged coffee in Cau Dat

Arabica Cau Dat is a top-quality product, trusted by everyone. To achieve those achievements, Cau Dat coffee went through a strict selection and production process before creating packaged products for customers. Here is the detailed process of Cau Dat packaged coffee:

Selection of raw material source

To have a good cup of coffee with the right taste, the most important thing is the quality of the factors affecting coffee growing. It will include external factors such as: soil, climate, seed source, ... and human impact factors such as cultivation, fertilization, harvest, ... creating the quality of the raw material area, farm.

Tuyển lựa nguồn nguyên liệu cà phê

Harvest and preliminary process

To harvest delicious, uniform and consistent coffee beans, the farmer must follow all the steps in the process correctly and meet certain requirements and standards. From care, collection, preliminary process to transportation and preservation, all must be proceeded carefully.

Farmers always have to choose a better seed source or adjust in the cultivation process, improve in harvesting to keep the high quality and rich flavor of coffee beans. Coffee beans are hand-picked by farmers and went through an elaborate selection process to ensure uniformity of ripeness.

Thu hoạch và sơ chế cafe

Each type of coffee bean must be considered for the most suitable processing method. For example, Arabica is wet processing/honey Robusta s wet processing / dry processing, etc. Here, the preliminary processing process from cleaning impurities, peeling, fermentation, to drying always ensure the right processing time, temperature - humidity, method, etc. to avoid affecting the quality of coffee beans.

Using machines with modern technology to conduct accurate screening and classification. The process must ensure that when roasting evenly, the seeds reach the Size 18 standard, and completely remove unqualified seeds. Storage conditions must be ensured as required during transportation.

Processing and quality control

  • For coffee beans used for in-store business

In the processing process, maintaining the original flavor require many factors. When roasting, the artisan must always adjust the temperature appropriately in each type of coffee. It is possible to apply specialized machines for the right taste of coffee bean. Coffee bean will be ground into a coffee powder. Notice that the fineness of coffee is not the same depending on different brewing techniques.

  • For instant coffee:

Coffee after being roasted will be mixed with some additives depending on the manufacturer's recipe. Coffee is blended with different ingredients to bring out a variety of packaged coffee products.

Chế biến và kiểm tra chất lượng

Packing and serving to consumers

After the products are made, they need to be preserved and packaged in the most careful and thoughtful way to maintain the perfect taste when it reaches the consumer. The selection and design of the packaging with its own unique style enhance the value of each coffee bean when it reaches customers.

Đóng gói và phục vụ đến tay người tiêu dùng

Place to buy the best packaged coffee

If you want to enjoy a cup of coffee with the finest taste, come to From Cau Dat right away. The product lines at From Cau Dat have a wide range, from popular to high-end, with roasted, ground coffee, and instant coffee to fully meet your interest. The store specializes in distributing genuine Cau Dat coffee products. Diverse products specialize in ensuring adequate supply for coffee shops, milk tea shops, etc.

Why should choose packaged coffee from From Cau Dat Coffee

Currently, the store supports shipping nationwide at cheap prices. Coming to From Cau Dat Coffee, you will experience a professional selling style such as:

  • Commit 100% genuine goods with full certificate of inspection. If we find out that counterfeit products are in poor quality, we are ready to compensate and take responsibility.
  • Product prices are clear and transparent. We will quote a detailed price before placing an order.
  • Support packaging coffee as gifts for customers in need.
  • The price is cheaper than the market.
  • Free shipping nationwide.

The most popular type of coffee product

Each coffee bean has its own flavor, creating a delicious cup of coffee. Here are the most common types of coffee today that you can refer to:

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